Make no bones about it, we want you on our Sales Team. We want YOU to work with us. Why would you leave your sales team to join us? Well, see if any of the below makes sense to you. If it does, it may be time to come join our team.

What does it means to work with us, Card Payment Solutions USA Sales Team?

This is a message to all of YOU merchant service sales professionals. We want to talk to YOU if YOU’re tired of not making the money YOU feel YOU should be making. We want to talk to you if YOU’re tired of not having the support YOU’re supposed to have. If YOU’re tired of not having that true local community. We really think this business is about YOU, the Sales Professional. That’s why we capitalized, Y-O-U!

You deserve a support system that takes care of your sales.

Most importantly, a system to be able to talk to someone about your business and the clients you serve. Our background at Card Payment Solutions USA is that we came from the same spot you’re in now. Making Sales for a very large company or an ISO is where we started. See if this sounds familiar. We (myself and another rep) would be working sales in an area. Then we’d find out there is actually other reps working and making sales for the same company in our area. We found out after we built a list for that area and with that company.
We had built a book of business for ourselves. Or so we thought. We had one hundred to two hundred clients. Then we found out the book wasn’t our business. Most of our clients were trapped. We couldn’t mandate what we wanted to happen with our clients. We couldn’t make sure our customers were treated right and served the way we promised them. The company would come to our clients and treat them the opposite of how we expected them to be treated. They would charge extra fees and change deals after they were signed up. We hated it but couldn’t do anything about it because we did not own the book of business.
Besides all that, the companies we worked with also said that we made 60% or 80% of our book. Yet, there was a lot of extra fees billed that reduced that to actually below 50%. There was a lot of red tape built into our spread sheet to favor the ISOs. There was never a real residual report. It was some kind of report handed down to us from the Excel spreadsheet. Or worse a word template to tell me how much money we made off processing residuals. While it may be good money it wasn’t telling the full story. We always wondered what was happening in the backend of our accounts. In this business of merchant services “trust,” “honesty” and “integrity” are something that not everyone has in them. It seems some are only looking out for their bottom dollar. Instead of worrying about the merchant or their sales team.

That is when we decided to do it ourselves.

First priority was transparent pricing and  transparent residual system. You will know exactly what your clients are doing. Each charge and each dollar made off the processing. You will understand the pricing and how we do it and we will show it ALL to you. There is no secrets here. You also own hundred percent of your book. None of our accounts are in a contract. You have the ability to bring your business wherever you want.
Also, we will not reach out to your customers unless you ask us to. When we do we will have your back as well. So if they call into our office we will make sure that we’re answering them the way you want us to. Hello. We have an excellent training program. Even though you’re a seasoned veteran we will come out and show you how to do things outside the box.

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Most Importantly, our company is comprised of five of the top seven or eight platforms. So we can work with almost any business you come across. We can place high-risk deals. We can also place businesses that not everybody can place. We are a veteran owned and operated company. Which helps us in our community we care about the communities that we serve. We try first to do best for our customers and our agents. We would love to talk to you. We believe we can show you how we can help you grow your list. How we can support your clients and put more of the residuals in your pocket. Send us a message on email us at!

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